Non-Surgical Face Lift vs. Surgical Face Lift

There used to be only one type of face lift available – the surgical or traditional one. However, lately, as cosmetic technology has become more developed, various types of non-surgical face lift have also emerged, providing people with a way to look young at a relatively lower risk and cost.

As the term implies, a non-surgical face lift is a face lift that does not require any surgery. Some are even considered non-invasive. Rather, they work in various innovative ways to tighten the skin and result in a younger looking face, the method of which depends on the particular type used.

One of the most popular non-surgical face lifts available today is the Thermage face lift. It is so named because it heats the inner layer of the skin or the dermis using radio waves, stimulating it to heal itself and to produce more collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for making skin firm and resilient and the fact that it decreases with age is one of the primary reasons why people get facial wrinkles and other fine lines, along with sagging skin.

The prime competitor of Thermage is the Titan face lift. Like Thermage, Titan also tightens collagen in the dermis and increases its production over time, though its main distinguishing factor is the fact that uses a different proprietary technology which uses infrared instead of radio waves. Titan is also more affordable but requires three sessions while Thermage requires just one.

Both do not require any anesthesia since they are accompanied by just a mild pain, which is due to the fact that as the dermis is being heated, the epidermis is being cooled. There is also little downtime required, and in most cases, none at all.

Other types of face lifts which do not require surgery are the laser face lift, laser resurfacing like Erbium and Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing and microcurrent face lift which utilizes electricity to stimulate the skin’s collagen production. The string face lift is also considered by many to be non-surgical since it just requires minor, shallow incisions for strings to be strategically placed then loosened or tightened according to the patient’s wishes or the doctor’s suggestions.

Compared to the surgical face lift, these are simpler procedures. In fact, with the exception of the laser procedures, they all are just walk-in procedures performed in the outpatient clinic. More importantly, they do not pose serious risks to a person’s health with rare side effects or just mild ones whereas a face lift can cause a great deal of swelling and bruising, which is why it also requires a long recovery period.

The question is – does a non-surgical face lift work? Yes, it does, with varying degrees depending on its type, although they do not work as well as the surgical face lift. In fact, anyone who is looking for the results of a face lift without having to go under the knife will just be disappointed since nothing compares to the dramatic change in appearance a face lift gives. Still, a non-surgical face lift can make the skin look healthier and younger for a long period of time, which for many, is enough.

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